YOUTH NEXT EMPOWERMENT (YOUNEXT) Review – Could this be scam?

unext 2 - YOUTH NEXT EMPOWERMENT (YOUNEXT) Review - Could this be scam?

Hey, aspiring entrepreneur,unext 1 - YOUTH NEXT EMPOWERMENT (YOUNEXT) Review - Could this be scam?

Welcome to the YOUTH NEXT EMPOWERMENT Review.

You are here because you have stumbled upon the YOUTH NEXT EMPOWERMENT programme either by some email sent to you or just randomly browsing online or through social media.

One of my frequent site visitor requested for my help about information regarding YOUTH NEXT EMPOWERMENT on registration and clearance process, but guess what? this are my findings. it will profit you if you can spend more time and go through my review, it might save you or your friends some cool hard earn money. Some properties of the site includes;

Found at:
Type:         Non profit business
Created:    2017-05-23
Owner:      No visible owner or partners
Rating:      0/10
Recommended: NO

Once you try to access the site the first information you get is the clearance page instructing you to…

Shortlisted/Notified participants into the empowerment should proceed to complete their Clearance.
Clearance into the empowerment closes on the 14th July, 2017. Empowerment starts on 24th July.
Ensure to enter your accurate info while filling the CLEARANCE form (no correction is allowed after submission)
Only the successful shortlisted/notified applicants should participate in the clearance for the empowerment.
The Clearance/Participation fee is N2,000. FIDELITY BANK. Acct/Name: YOUNEXT. Acct/No. 6060240250
After payment, submit your teller number and your details on the clearance page.

At first this look cool and interesting to me, but reading further i discover there are too many condition which i am not comfortable with, for instance the closing date 14th July 2017 and the clearance timer is a smart way of compelling newbies to make payment online without proper reviews of the site.

What is this YOUTH NEXT EMPOWERMENT (YOUNEXT) all about?

According to YOUNEXT it claim is a non profit business empowerment programme, a platform initiated to promote and assist great business ideas, industriousness, innovations and entrepreneurial flare among Nigerian youths. the project seeks to discover , assist, mentor and financially empower hardworking and innovative Nigerians that have dynamic business ideas for entrepreneurship (business, education, science, agriculture, craft, hand work, production, invention, etc) but lacked the capital to fund their plans. YOUNEXT was created as solution for massive job creation and employment in the society. the successful applicants will be empowered with N100,000. N250,000. N500,000. N1,000,000. N2,000,000 depending on the estimated cost of their business plan.
YOUNEXT is a financial grant given to the winners to enable them start up their business ideas or boost their existing business.YOUNEXT was developed as a non governmental financial empowerment platform and is not an affiliate to any government institution at any level. Our aim and vision is to proffer solution of unemployment and joblessness buffeting the populace through financial business empowerment and entrepreneurship training e.t.c.

The idea is good reading through the story line but there are some lapses which i want to point out.

Firstly, as a non profit business program that is base on helping the Nigerian unemployed youth, i expect it to be absolutely free from any charges. why then the clearance fee? of what purpose is it for? think about it yourself.

Secoundly, the sponsors of this great program did not in any part of the site give detailed explanation of how they intend to empower the youth and who is behind the empowerment program. In-fact they skeptically skip the office address for reason best know to them. Sincerely speaking for a program of this magnitude i strongly believe it should be of great joy to tell Nigerians who is behind this great work of empowering the unemployed youth, but instead it choose to hide the faces of those behind it and choose to emphasis on the payment of 2000 Naira which i believe is their primary motive.

unext 6 - YOUTH NEXT EMPOWERMENT (YOUNEXT) Review - Could this be scam?Thirdly, checking through the contact page i discovered there is no valid office address except for just one phone number and an email address. Imagine it yourself a non profit organization that wants to help Nigerians out of poverty does not have a location in any part of the country, does that not sound ridicule? Apart from that there a strong warning about the payment of the clearance fee. read details here…..

– The clearance is non refundable participation fee for the shortlisted applicants. which is N2000 only.
– Note! that the clearance is not by compulsion or manipulation or force. its out-rightly voluntary.
-YOUNEXT is not affiliated to the government and does not claim to represent or partner with either the government or Agency or institution. we are simply a non profit platform established to encourage entrepreneurship through business ideas competition.
YOUNEXT does not have sponsors nor donors at the moment (we look forward to welcome good spirited philanthropist to help move this great platform to higher level) we simply from the list of participation fee paid, empower the selected winners of the empowerment to encourage them bring their dream ideas to reality.

The question now is could this really be  a scam?

In my honest and humble opinion, I think YOUTH NEXT EMPOWERMENT (YOUNEXT) is a scam website.

It contains a lot of scam tendencies that I have seen with many other scam websites.

There are many promises on youth empowerment  but there is no single word on how they will make it work or get the said money. Maybe the strategy here is to collect money from millions of unemployed youth and use it to settle just five youth or less, there is even no guarantee that they will give anyone money.

The lack of owner, partners or co-owners  and an office location make me skeptical about the all program. I don’t really think it will help solve any unemployment problem rather it might create more pains to the jobless youth.

The too much concentration on the payment of clearance fees show their area of interest. be wise!.

My advice for you would be to avoid the YOUTH NEXT EMPOWERMENT (YOUNEXT) at all costs and do not put your time and money to it, except you know you can afford to bear the pains.

What Do I Recommend?

As a young graduate if you are interested in any sort of empowerment program on-line. I will recommend you go through a step by step process on how to build a business on-line the proper way with the right training tools and 24-hour support from the community and owners so you know what you are doing.  You can equally get full one-on-one support from me whenever you need support about building an on-line business and better ways to grow your on-line business.

Some of my recommendation are;

wealthy affiliate — Read more about wealthy affiliate free and paid online business support.

Google digital skill for africa—–learn free digital skill with google check it out


Don’t always be in a hurry when you are ask to make payment on-line try to carry out search review about any business opportunity you are interested in,especially when it comes to the on-line world where it is littered with a variety of scams products.

I will always do my best by sharing honest review report to the community and the world at large.

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one love,

Ella w.

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