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Digital Skills…… Strategies For Creating Jobs For The African Youths

images - Digital Skills...... Strategies For Creating Jobs For The African Youths

kol1 - Digital Skills...... Strategies For Creating Jobs For The African YouthsDIGITAL LIFE…. STRATEGIES FOR CREATING JOBS for AFRICAN YOUTHS

The world today has gone digital,more than half of the population of the world today have their presence represented on the on-line world. This simply means there is a lot more opportunities in the on-line world.

THE beauty of it all is that you can simply learn basic digital skills that can help you grow your business and qualify you for an on-line job interview with guarantee of getting the job. check out my number skills here.


There are millions of clients and companies out there ready to hire people with the knowledge of digital marketing and ads maximizer skills. This is a great privilege for Africans to tap in and make good use of the free opportunities goggle has given Africans in the areas of training African youths in acquiring free digital skills rather than looking for Quick money on-line.

I am a graduate engineer with no job in Nigeria. I have thought of many ways to reach my clients. One day i receive a massage on my cell phone telling me about how i can list my products on the Internet so i register with Vconnect.

VConnect Designs Update 26 - Digital Skills...... Strategies For Creating Jobs For The African Youthslist your local business here for free with Vconnect or Google my business directory.

To tell you the truth it works for me because i got some of my clients from Vconnect. THIS experience makes me to develop more interest on the Internet and ways to make my site rank first while searching for informations on the web.

In my quest to know more i have stumble upon some fake site which eventaully i lost money to, but that did not make me to stop searching for informations about legit ways to be creative online.


I have finally found something good, creative and legit ways of helping youths like me online. I stumble upon free Google digital skills for beginners who wants to improve their digital skills and may be use it to work for companies on-line. I sign-up for the training, believe me it was really cool and i got to learn stuff like website design,Google analytics and many more ways of achieving great result with my contents.

I actually did not stop there, i went further and i met SETH who introduce me to more deeper practice of what digital marketing is all about. SETH is a paid search specialist,Adwords Certified,Experienced Search Engine Marketing(SEM) and Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

SETH exposed me to lots of ways how i can help companies , website owners get high returns with little money spend on ads. The course i am undergoing with SETH will last for 30 days and in just less than 15 days i have learn so much with which can get me a job in the on-line world.

I am so happy now that’s why i choose to share my experience with youths all over the world. Education alone can’t guarantee us the basic skills we need to survive in the world.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWsAAAAJGMyNWM0ZDEwLTEyMmUtNDM3ZS04MmViLWQwNjhjN2FlMDdlMA - Digital Skills...... Strategies For Creating Jobs For The African Youthsif you are a youth and want to known more about digital skills please feel free to comment below or
you can drop your message here. Once i am done with my courses i will do my best to share more insightful stories about my experiences during the training with SETH and i promise to teach you for free. if you cant wait for me and you want to get the basic requirement to get a job with digital marketing and ads maximizer skills. you can connect with SETH here to get insight of the first free modules training class.

I hope this my testimony will put you back on track, don’t give up so soon you can learn so many things on-line even without money, just try and connect with the right sites and the right guys. let me know if you will love to know more about digital marketing and ads maximizer.

Stay focus, one love

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